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Key Changes Music Therapy




Woodlands School provides    Music therapy, through Key Changes - the Hampshire-based music therapy charity, for several of its most vulnerable children.


Music therapy is a creative therapy, a highly effective, largely non-verbal approach to personal therapy. It is increasingly recognised as a valuable part of the care of children who have sensory, physical, learning or neurological disabilities, or who have emotional or behavioural problems. Music therapy is used with referred children to help them work through emotional issues and enable them to cope better with their lives. Many referred children have communication difficulties. Music therapy encourages sharing and helps reduce frustration.


The emphasis is on the process of creating music between child and therapist in a live and spontaneous way, yet musical skills are not required by the child for them to benefit from this special work. Over time, a trusting relationship can develop through the music which therapist and child create together, which, in turn, can facilitate physical, mental, social and emotional development.


The benefits of music therapy can include:

  • increased participation and engagement
  • improved communication and social skills
  • enhanced awareness of self and others
  • release of frustration in positive ways
  • personal satisfaction and a sense of achievement
  • decreased tension, anxiety and challenging behaviour
  • enjoyment and improved quality of life


Children who have accessed music therapy are often better able to access other learning opportunities. The child’s growth through music therapy also impacts positively on the families and peers of those referred. 


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