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Student Selection Criteria

Criteria For Selecting Students To Invite:


  1. Students who are aged 13 by the departure date of the trip.
  2. Students who are able to weight bear & make simple transfers independently - no hoists available on trip.
  3. Students who will not pose a manual handling risk for staff, including getting on/off coach several times a day and personal care (incl showering).
  4. Students who are able to walk up and down a fairly steep snow slope (to and from lessons) with minimal support.
  5. Students who are able to cope with a large/loud/busy group of people in a small area (150 people on trip).
  6. Students who are able to travel with a large group of others in a small space (approx 35 people on a coach) and remain calm and seated in a regular seat for a 21 hour coach journey. (not provision for travelling in a wheelchair).
  7. Students who are able to behave appropriately in the community and not pose a risk to themselves or others (e.g. sit in a group for meals, do not injure others, do not run off) & do not require MAPA frequently.
  8. Students who have the stamina and ability to cope with a fast paced/energetic week and to follow a routine with a tight schedule.
  9. Students who will be able to access ski equipment including a sit ski as required.
  10. Students whose medical needs can be safely managed by the trip nurses (noting that the nearest hospital is in the valley and might require a helicopter evacuation).

Priority for places:

  1. Students who have never been on the ski trip before & in highest to lowest year group order.
  2. Students who were on the previous year's waiting list.
  3. Students who require financial support and have not received it for previous trips.
  4. Students from the following year groups in this order (and by the least number of trips within that year group).
  5. Students in Year 14.
  6. Students in Year 13.
  7. Students in Year 12.
  8. Students in Year 11.
  9. Students in Year 10.
  10. Students in Year 9.

Other Considerations:

  • The number of students requiring 1:1 support might limit the overall group size.
  • There may be limits on how many students we can send who need use of the sit ski - only 2 sit skis between all schools.