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The curriculum at KS5

The 16-19 curriculum at Woodlands is designed to be flexible, to enable learners to exercise some choice in their learning and, by delivering it in a variety of community settings, to allow learning to be fully contextualised wherever possible.

Community facilities used to deliver the curriculum are:
  • Local colleges e.g. NESCOT where modules are agreed with the head of department keeping in mind the interests and ability levels of the learners. Communication with other colleges which may be more accessible to some learners is maintained so that opportunities can be incorporated into the curriculum as they become available and as appropriate to the current cohort of learners.
  • Leisure centres e.g. Leatherhead Leisure Centre, Charrington Bowl, Spectrum, NESCOT gym, During their time in KS5 all learners will access some of these
  • Local community shops e.g. Leatherhead, Ashtead, Epsom
  • Local environment e.g. garden centres, countryside, recycling
  • Shared modules with post school providers e.g. Freewheelers
  • Various projects and events as opportunities arise e.g. media projects, shared days such as award ceremonies, college taster courses/ days, inter school sports days
  • Work experience and work related learning opportunities according to the interests and opportunities available for individual students
Learners enter the KS5 class with their "P" level assessments which are updated annually throughout their years at Woodlands. In KS5 we currently use the "Milestones" assessment in line with colleges and other Surrey Special Schools. A baseline assessment against milestones is undertaken during a student's first year in KS5.  Existing assessments against "P" levels are also taken into account to ensure that an accurate baseline assessment is recorded.

The curriculum for each learner should include Communication, Maths, ICT, Personal and Social Development skills, Vocational skills, Progression Guidance and be delivered in a way which allows for the embedding and transition of skills into real life settings.

Progression Guidance
Throughout their time in KS5 learners and their advocates are supported in looking to the future; their transition from school to college and from Children's Services to Adult Services. We work closely with  the County Transition Team (Social Services), colleges,parents and students and have a designated member of the County Transition team allocated to liaise and work with us.
Learners are supported in preparing their "Progress File" containing accessible evidence of their interests, achievements and strengths which helps them to contribute to planning for their future in a more person centred way. This supports them in talking about themselves at interview and ensures that they have a meaningful record of their achievements during their last years at Woodlands School to take with them into their adult life.

The curriculum is designed to respond to the interests of the learners and the opportunities available in the local area and is currently accredited using ASDAN Personal Progress Award. .