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Together Everyone Achieves More


Welcome to Ashwood, our 6th form class at Woodlands.


Ashwood class has 10 students aged from 16 to 19. The students have a range of abilities from pupils with Complex Learning Difficulties to those working at Entry Level 1. The Woodlands curriculum at KS5 makes use of the community and opportunities to work with colleges and outside agencies. This enables the students to learn and consolidate skills in real-life settings and helps to prepare them for adult life.

All students are baselined against the adult curriculum Milestones (M levels) or Entry levels during their first term in Ashwood and their progress is tracked regularly using SOLAR.  They all work towards qualifications and accreditation through ASDAN and will leave school with a Personal Progress Award or Certificate.

Students continue to work on their Functional skills and on developing their independent living skills as well as taking part in activities linked to their personal interests.


Using ICT in English








 Students think about what they want to do when they leave school and try out a number of different activities to help them to make an informed choice in the future.  Many of these activities take place off site and are led by outside agencies.

Dancing with Freewheelers



Sailing with Sailability



Gymnastics at Leatherhead gym club



Hockey with Surbiton Hockey Club 'Flyerz'






In KS5, most students attend college link sessions at the Woodlands centre at Merrist Wood. They try out some new activities while familiarising themselves with the college environment. Units they might undertake include Small animal care, Horticulture, Photography and Countryside management. They join the other Merrist Wood students for lunch in the canteen.

We also work towards the 4 outcomes of the ‘Preparing for Adulthood’ initiative:

Employment, Independent Living skills, Good Health and Friends, Relationships and Community and all of the KS5 activities provides elements of these. The students have the opportunity to develop some work related skills in a range of activities including during weekly woodwork and construction sessions with a tutor from Surrey Satro and through work experience placements with Surrey Choice Employability.





After leaving Woodlands, recent students have successfully transitioned on to college at Nescot, Merrist Wood or Orchard Hill, while others have moved on to appropriate social care settings that were able to meet their needs e.g. My Time, Chailey Futures, Oak Tree Farm.

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                                                     Ailsa Rea                        Julie King

                                                 Class Teacher                Classroom Assistant



                                          Wendy Martin                            Julie Humphreys

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                                                                     Helen Sole