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Physiotherapy provision at Woodlands school
Two Paediatric Physiotherapists, employed by Central Surrey Health, are based at Woodlands. We are part of Central Surrey Health Paediatric Therapy Service and work closely with other health professionals in school including occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and the school nursing team.
 We work in term time, during school hours, Monday to Thursday and can be contacted on our direct line on 01372 361201. 
Our Aims
·         We aim to improve the function and general wellbeing of our pupils by working on gross motor development and postural management in order to maximise each child’s or young person’s potential and enable them to access to the school curriculum to the best of their ability.
·         We aim to liaise closely with parents, carers and teaching staff in a multi-professional environment to provide a comprehensive service.
Our role
·         We assess your child’s physical skills and gross motor development and devise individual programmes in conjunction with other therapists and school staff.
·         We provide training to teaching staff and assistants to enable our recommendations to be carried out during the school day as well as to parents in home programmes.
·         We advise on the best way to position and handle your child and promote a 24 Hour postural management programme.
·         We invite parents into school for assessments for suitable equipment for mobility or postural control with specialists companies, for school or home use, or we may arrange this as a home visit if more appropriate. Equipment may include walking aids, specialist tricycles, standing frames, school seating (often jointly with The Occupational Therapists), and sleep systems.   We will provide written justifications for identified equipment in order to seek funding from Education, The Equipment panel or a charity.
·         We attend Dr’s appointments, reviews or other specialist appointments including wheelchair appointments when appropriate.
·         We arrange clinics at school with Central Surrey Health Wheelchair Service as well as clinics with our local Orthotist for splints and specialist footwear. We have recently started to run joint clinics with the Occupational therapists on Lycra splinting.
·         We also work jointly with the swimming teacher at Woodlands with advice and delivery of individual hydrotherapy programmes when appropriate.
We are lucky to be part of a well established Physiotherapy service at Woodlands and enjoy a good working relationship with fellow health professionals, parents, carers and teaching staff which benefits all the children at Woodlands.