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Woodlands School Charitable Trust (Charities number 1156371) has been established to advance the education of the pupils at Woodlands School by providing and assisting the provision of facilities (not required to be provided by the Local Authority) for education at the school. 

It has contributed towards the provision of music therapy, equipment, help toward funding the ski trip and funds the online payment charges for SCOPAY in order to keep the costs down for parents and make it easier for them to pay towards trips and activities . The Charitable Trust will also consider requests from parents for financial support in extreme circumstances. 

Money is raised through bid applications, donations and sponsored fundraising activities such as the Prudential 100, London Marathon and school sponsored swims. If you would like to take part in activity for our charity then please contact Chris Richards on 01372 377922 or  We are currently registered with virgin money giving. 

Events for which we have currently secured places are listed below. 

One of our pupils will be cycling 20k to raise money for the next Ski trip.

Please follow the link to find out more. Thank you for your support.

Help Paul change the world! Make a donation now.

Please support Katie Barker. Katie is the mum of one of our pupils who will be running the London Marathon this year to raise funds for Woodlands.