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Welcome to Pinewood Class

Pinewood is Woodland’s key stage 4 class. The class reflects the broad spectrum of needs that we have in the wider school community. We consolidate the skills we acquired in key stage 3, and follow more personalised programmes and curriculums including sensory, physio and life skills sessions.

We become more independent and apply our knowledge and self help skills in a wider range of community settings and situations. We learn new life skills that enable us to increase our level of independence and allow us to lead fulfilled and happy lives.

Literacy and numeracy are powerful tools and they underpin every aspect of the curriculum. We look to exploit opportunities across curriculum   areas and use them to apply and extend our literacy and numeracy skills.

Communication is very important to us and we continue to develop our communication skills using our personalised and chosen communication  devices/systems.  We continue to work on our interpersonal skills both in school and in the wider community.













In Pinewood we enjoy learning new life skills that  will help us  to be confident in the future


We learn about our local community and environment.



We work on our skills of communication and support each other


We enjoy opportunities to go out and interface with the wider community  and   develop our self help and interpersonal skills


We engage in activities that promote our wellbeing and self esteem


Our activities are inclusive and there are no barriers to learning or having fun

We follow personalised programmes that promote mobility and give us opportunities to engage in social interactions


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Meet the Staff


                            Gemma Britten                     Amy Carter                  Suzanne Coyne

                                Teacher                    Classroom Assistant                  SNCA



                             Sandra Hill                      Jane Robertson                Louise Finch                                                              SNCA                                SNCA                                 SNCA



                                              Julie Ketchell               Veronica Rodriguez Illan

                                                    SNCA                                   SNCA