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SRE Curriculum

 What will be taught?


The SRE curriculum is differentiated to make it relevant to pupil needs and includes:

  • my body and how changes occur over time
  • emotions and how they relate to behaviour of self and others
  • different types of relationships
  • awareness of ‘public’ & ‘private’ behaviours
  • how to ‘keep safe’ and protect against exploitation or abuse
  • reproduction, contraception and sexual health as appropriate to age and cognitive ability of the individual pupil
  • who to ask for help
  • the development of a moral framework, confidence and self-esteem


SRE in the Lower School (Primary)

SRE for the primary age group focuses on Relationships Education which includes the following themes:

  • Families and close positive relationships
  • Friendships
  • Managing hurtful behaviour and bullying
  • Safe relationships (private parts are private, some parts are not for sharing, internet safety)
  • Respecting self and others (kind / unkind, same / different)


SRE is also included in Health and Wellbeing Education in the topic of ‘Ourselves, growing and changing’:

  • My body
  • Gender
  • Growing up and changing
  • Puberty


SRE in the Upper School (Secondary)

SRE for the Secondary age group includes the following themes;

  • Positive relationships (types of families, family portrayal in the media)
  • Respectful relationships (home life, working together, team skills, conflict management, loss)
  • Relationship values
  • Consent (safety in intimate relationships)


SRE is also included in Health and Wellbeing Education in the topic of ‘Puberty and Sexual Health’ which focuses on;

  • Good listening behaviours
  • How parents help us
  • Sexual health
  • Puberty and reproduction
  • Growing up
  • Babies