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SRE RIght to withdraw

SRE – the right to withdraw

In certain circumstances, parents / carers do have the right to withdraw their children from SRE (Sex and Relationships Education).


Lower School (Primary)

Parents will have the right to withdraw their child from sex education but not from statutory Relationships Education or Health Education.


Upper School (Secondary)

Following discussion with the school, parents can withdraw their child from the ‘sex’ elements of Sex and Relationships Education.  Parents do not have a right to withdraw their child from Health education, Relationships or any other aspect of PSHE education.

There is no right of withdrawal from National Curriculum Science which includes elements of sex education such as puberty and reproduction.

Three terms before they turn 16, a student can opt back in to sex education lessons against their parents’ wishes.


Woodlands says: 

If a parent/carer wishes to withdraw their child, they need to have a discussion with the Headteacher so that he/she can be made aware of the reasons and provide alternative arrangements.  We will try to accommodate any concerns as far as possible.