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School Council

The School Council in the Lower School consists of a representative from each class who attends a meeting each term to vote on proposals made by class groups. School council is currently led by Badgers class teacher; Stacey.


Our school councillors are:

Amber (Rabbits)

Mitchell (Foxes)

Zoe (Squirrels)

Calixte (Foxes)

Zachary (Badgers)


We enjoy meeting together to share our ideas and opinions on school topics and feed these back to the rest of the school during an assembly.


We will have three meetings across the school year to discuss a range of topics.


During our first meeting, we introduced ourselves and talked about what we like at school. We voted on the artwork to be used on the Christmas production programme and began to discuss plans for a lunchtime club. Following our meeting, each class voted on the activity for lunchtime club from the choices chosen by the councillors.


We are now busy preparing our lunchtime music club for Spring term.


Our next meeting will involve discussions about the lunchtime club, what they like and how it can be improved.


We will also make decisions about other school matters.