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Orchard Class is a Key Stage 3/4 secondary class, for pupils who benefit from a highly structured approach.  Our aim is to develop and enhance our pupils' communication and social skills. We work together, using a variety of tools such as individual timetables and schedules, enhancing learning as well as teaching our pupils the benefit of structure in their everyday lives. We use a variety of communication approaches including Makaton, PECs alternative language displays (ALDs) and PODD, hi-tech PODD.

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Pupils engage in all areas of the curriculum in fun and creative ways, with the aim of taught skills transferring into everyday life. Sensory integration is very important in the process of learning, as it helps pupils regulate, creating a positive impact. Independent individual learning and group work activities are encouraged, as well as spending time as a whole class working on social skills, promoting friendships and developing a sense of class community.


The team is committed to positive behaviour reinforcement, as pupils are encouraged to develop their independence and life skills. We work towards pupils learning appropriate behaviours, which they can apply in all areas of their lives.












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Meet the Staff


                                              Tiffany Grimley                    Donna Scivier

                                               Class Teacher                 Classroom Assistant



                   Helen Sole                  Ruth Woolnough                               Berni Byrne

            Classroom Assistant                  SNCA                                            SNCA



                                                                   Clare Chierighini                                                                                                                                              SNCA