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What do we do in Orchard Class

Orchard class is the secondary class at Woodlands School for pupils who benefit from a highly structured approach.  We aim to develop and enhance our pupils' communication and social skills. We work together, and use a variety of tools such as individual timetables and schedules to meet the needs of the pupils in the class. We use a variety of communication tools including Makaton, PECs alternative language displays (ALDs), PODD and hi-tech PODD.

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Learning opportunities are provided through individual and group work activities. We also spend time as a whole class working on social skills, promoting friendships and developing a sense of class community. We are committed to positive behaviour reinforcement.


We encourage our pupils to develop their independence and life skills. We work towards pupils learning appropriate behaviours, which they can apply in all areas of their lives.


Sensory intgration plays a very important role in Orchard class as pupils learn to regulate their emotions and this also has a positive effect on their learning.

In Orchard Class, we enjoy sensory integration each morning in the hall or outside in the playground. This helps us to regulate our emotions and prepare ourselves for learning activities and the challenges of the day ahead.

Balanced Literacy

We are following the elements of the Balanced Literacy Model each day to help us develop our literacy skills.






We use Makaton signing and try to extend our signing vocabulary at every opportunity.



We develop our independence and our engagement through food technology and cooking activities.





We access the curriculum in creative and practical ways, which motivate and engage our pupils.





We try to keep learning activities as fun and as engaging as possible often with a sensory twist.






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                                                      Phil Cox                          Sarah Barker

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                       Katie Jennings                        Nikki Bailey                          Debi Whiting

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