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Together Everyone Achieves More


Welcome to Orchard Class


Orchard Class is a Key Stage 3/4 secondary class, for pupils who benefit from a highly structured approach.  Our aim is to develop and enhance our pupils' communication and social skills. We are utilising the Attention Autism Program to engage pupils, develop their shared attention and provide “irresistible learning opportunities”.

We work as a whole class for some activities, as well as spending time in small groups catering specifically to key pupil needs or targets. We use a variety of communication approaches including Makaton, alternative language displays (ALDs) PODD, hi-tech PODD and symbols.

Pupils engage in all areas of the curriculum in fun and creative ways, with the aim of taught skills transferring into everyday life. Our pupils benefit from sensory diets, which provides the sensory input needed to stay focused and organized throughout the day. Independent learning and group work activities are encouraged, as well as spending time as a whole class working on social skills, promoting friendships and developing a sense of class community. Pupils can access our new workspace, which provides a multi-sensory learning environment, for either individual work, small group activities or a break-out space when pupils need space to regulate their sensory or emotional needs.


The team is committed to helping the pupils develop a love of learning, and encouraging them to develop their independence and life skills. We work towards pupils learning appropriate behaviours, which they can apply in all areas of their lives.

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Meet the Staff


                                                                  Becky Pottinger                  Becca Penman

                                                                   Class Teacher                Classroom Assistant



                                                        Gosia Bielawna                                   Jack Lagar

                                                               SNCA                                              SNCA                              



                                                          Tracey Medhurst                             Jenny Harris

                                                                  SNCA                                            SNCA