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Welcome to Foxes 



Foxes Class is in the Lower School and is a Key Stage 1 class of 5 and 6 year old children. The curriculum is designed to continue to build on the learning through play and skills developed in previous classes. We focus on early Literacy, Numeracy skills and developing the communication skills of all our learners. The learning environment is designed to support children’s social interactions and independence.


 Each half term we enjoy a new unit and our activities are themed around this. Learning takes place through a range of sensory activities, stories and group tasks. We aim to inspire children’s curiosity and enable them access to a range of learning opportunities through carefully planned, highly individualised lessons including real-life experiences, outdoor learning and play alongside their peers.


In Foxes class, we also focus daily on developing literacy skills through a Comprehensive Literacy Programme and ‘Little Wandle’ systematic phonics teaching. All children take part in reading, writing, letters and sounds activities each day. Stories and role-play bring books alive, engaging pupils and encouraging them to interact with props and sensory activities.  We use a range of PODD books, Makaton signing and high tech devices to support our children’s communication. We work hard to enable all our pupils to communicate and express their needs, wishes, feelings and personalities in their unique way.  


Here are some of the activities we enjoy in Foxes.

Foxes Class Newsletter

Meet the Staff



                                                 Dora Chandler                     Bernie Byrne                      Emer Bennett

                                                 Class Teacher                Classroom Assistant          Classroom Assistant





                                        Andrea Ivanicova                      Dave Elson                          Caroline Towner

                                               SNCA                                    SNCA                                      SNCA