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Together Everyone Achieves More


Welcome to Hedgehogs Class 


Hedgehogs Class is a KS1 class for pupils with autism.


We follow the KS1 curriculum and have embedded the Attention Autism Programme to create accessible learning opportunities.


Hedgehogs focus on learning as a group with differentiated levels of support that targets independent engagement within the activity. Their understanding of language is supported through the use of visually supported communication, repeated use of language in context and opportunities for successful use of non-verbal and verbal communication. Curriculum objectives are included with opportunities for personalised targets in the flow of the overall activity to ensure skills are learnt within a meaningful context.

Activities allow for engagement at a sensory level of development through to symbolic levels to ensure pupils are challenged appropriately.


We build connections and experiences in common where communication, social interaction and relationships flourish. We teach to the ASD strengths: Visual, logical and a great memory for emotional impact.


We have lots of fun and laughter as this is motivating and remembered.

Meet the Staff



                                                                          Ruth Hill                      Becca Penman

                                                                     Class Teacher              Classroom Assistant



                                                               Lauren Payne                            Charlotte Stevenson

                                                                    SNCA                                             SNCA