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The School Nursing Team


                                                                  Andrea Winter                           Jo Taylor

                                                            Assistant Practitioner      Senior Specialist School Nurse

Consent form for Administration of Medication as required and regular use.

The School Nursing Team
We are based at Woodlands and have three trained nurses and two healthcare assistants employed by Central Surrey Health. The school has nursing cover available through the school day in term time.
·         To enable children with disabilities to attend school and have their healthcare needs attended to with minimal interruption to their education.
How do we work
·         We operate an open door policy, encouraging families and carers to make contact with the nursing team for advice and support on a range of health related issues.
·         Please contact us on 01372 378147.
·         Our healthcare interventions are planned around the school day and class activities.
·         We have a strong belief in privacy and dignity when planning the student’s care and adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines.
Our role
·         The team works with families to prepare individualised care plans for children with a wide range of healthcare needs such as gastrostomy feeding, tracheostomy care, asthma, skin care, epilepsy care and continence issues. These plans are regularly evaluated and adapted as the student’s needs grow and change.
·         We will liaise closely with parents and carers about medication to be given in school.
·         We are able to train staff to administer some clinical procedures and emergency medication.
·         As nurses we liaise closely with the classroom staff if they have concerns about a child’s health during the school day.
·         The community paediatricians visit the school to see children and their families for annual medical appointments which are arranged via the nurses.
·         The nursing team work closely with the other health professionals in the school, including occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech and language therapists.
·         The nurses also liaise with hospital and community teams, dieticians and social services should the need arise.
·          We are responsible for reassessing the children for their continence products and providing advice on products.
·         We offer support to parents and carers who are encouraged to contact us.
The nursing team enjoy being part of the school community and its activities and love to see the children progressing through the school year groups.