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Together Everyone Achieves More


Welcome to Squirrels!

Squirrels’ class has been tailored to meet the needs of pupils who benefit from a highly structured daily routine.  In Squirrels class, we follow the KS1 curriculum and use the TEACCH approach, which encourages autonomy and independence in our pupils learning.


Throughout the day, pupils are regularly supported with sensory circuits, sensory aids and individual workstations. A varied and engaging curriculum, tailored to the needs of each pupil, allows everyone to extend their knowledge and explore the world around them.

We use a visual schedule and symbols to help us transition effectively around the school between our activities and we encourage our pupils to check their schedules and to be as independent as possible during these transitional stages.

We also have a very strong emphasis on developing communication and literacy skills.  We use the ‘Balanced Literacy’ program and a total communication approach, including signing, PODD and aided language displays, which are all paramount to ensuring that our pupils are able to reach their full potential.

Here are some of the many activities we do in Squirrels' Class:

We enjoy learning about our different topics, we have lots of fun and our lessons are sensory and creative. We especially like being hands on, but most of all we enjoy getting messy!

Squirrels Class Newsletter Autumn 2016

Meet the Staff




                                              Michelle Coggan                    Libby Spratley

                                                Class Teacher                  Classroom Assistant



                           Alice Andrews                           Mega Wright                       Laura Kulisic

                                SNCA                                      SNCA                                  SNCA