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Welcome to Elmwood!

Elmwood Class is a predominantly year 7, Key Stage 3 class. In Elmwood, we aim to deliver a stimulating and exciting curriculum, tailored to meet the needs of each individual member of the class.


Our activities are centered around developing pupils’ communication and independence skills and we encourage all of our pupils to make a meaningful contribution to school life according to their interests and abilities. Our lessons are highly differentiated and we make use of a wide range of individualised resources to make learning fun! 


Literacy within KS3 delivered in ability groups and continues to use aspects of the Balanced Literacy approach to develop pupils’ reading and writing.





In KS3 we continue to focus on numeracy as a core subject, but we also begin to move towards functional math’s; through which we promote mathematical thinking and transferable skills that can be used within the wider curriculum, everyday situations and the world of work.


At KS3, along with continuing to develop pupils’ knowledge and skills in all curriculum areas, we also begin to engage in work related learning as part of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE). In addition, we have ‘career days’ and also provide ongoing opportunities for pupils to choose and apply for individual jobs and responsibilities around the school. Pupils take great pride in having an individual role or job to do and focus on and develop the skills needed to complete or be part of these responsibilities.


Pupils in Elmwood class usually have regular access to facilities within our local community, for example the Leatherhead and Dorking Gymnastics Club, local shops and the swimming pool at Dorking Sports Centre. Currently this is unavailable due to the COVID-related restrictions, but we look forward to being able to resume these activities when it is safe to do so.










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Meet the Staff


                                               Louise Sunley                     Stacey Pretara                         

                                              Class Teacher                      Class Teacher                   



                      Debbie Gilbert                     Nikki Bailey                          Julie Humphreys

               Classroom Assistant                       SNCA                                      SNCA



                 Emer Bennett                                 Phil Ramsey                         Maddie Samengo-Turner

                       SNCA                                            SNCA                                             SNCA