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Together Everyone Achieves More


Welcome to Elmwood!


Elmwood class is predominantly a year 7 Key Stage 3 class. In Elmwood, we aim to deliver a stimulating and exciting curriculum, tailored to meet the needs of each individual in the class in a fun and engaging way.



Activities are centered around developing pupils communication and independence skills using a total communication approach. We encourage all of our pupils to make a meaningful contribution to the school community based on their interests and abilities.

Literacy in KS3 involves elements of Comprehensive Literacy involving reading and writing. We complete a daily session of independent writing where pupils engage in a range of writing tools.

We have daily phonics sessions following the Little Wandle revised letters and sounds scheme. Pupils engage in a range of activities from Foundation for phonics to Phase 3 through individualised activities. We are enjoying our new reading scheme of Big Cat books following our daily phonics sessions.

In KS3 we focus on numeracy and functional maths. This includes mathematical thinking across the curriculum especially in music, computing and food technology, promoting transferable skills to be used in everyday situations and the world of work.

At KS3 we develop pupils’ knowledge and skills in all curriculum areas, through a creative, topic based approach.  As part of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) we encourage children to understand their emotions and the importance of friendships.

Pupils in Elmwood enjoy a weekly food technology session, we experience a range of food from around the world both sweet and savoury, although sweet is our favourite of course!

In Elmwood pupils love helping each other and working together in a team to achieve their goals. Pupils like to help with all the jobs around the classroom, especially handing out snack and lunch to all their friends!

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Meet the Staff


                                                                     Emily Wild                            Libby Spratley

                                                                  Class Teacher                     Classroom Assistant    



                                     Matilda Thompson                         Grace Tyrrell                           Julie Humphreys

                                               SNCA                                       SNCA                                         SNCA