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Together Everyone Achieves More

Pupil MH&W Support

Woodlands loves listening to our pupils! It is central to our ethos as a school as we strive to establish a personalised, functional and transferable communication system for all our pupils.  


Each term, the School Council meets on Lower School and Upper School.  Each class votes for a representative to join the meeting, taking along viewpoints from other pupils. The groups discuss topical school issues and make some relevant choices and decisions.  Please see the ‘Parents’ section of the school website for more information on the School Council.


Regular Pupil Wellbeing Surveys are conducted across the school to gather feedback across a range of Mental Health and Wellbeing issues.  Once the results are analysed, where possible, changes are made across the school.  One example of this is greater peer-to-peer support with our ‘Happiness Helpers’.